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CETLA is dedicated to developing faculty who will produce distinguished and compassionate leaders to serve the nation and the global community. Through faculty training, instructional technology, interdisciplinary collaboration, classroom assessment, and educational research, CETLA strives to ensure that students gain a quality educational experience. As such, CETLA provides international leadership to strengthen university teaching and learning, especially the teaching of students of color in the United States and throughout the world.


By empowering today’s teachers with the tools of tomorrow, CETLA will ensure that Howard University is internationally renowned for its scholarly teaching.  At Howard, both faculty and students will participate in an interdisciplinary learning community where everyone learns from one another—students from teachers, students from students, teachers from teachers, and teachers from students.  With CETLA’s leadership, Howard will become the authority on the teaching of students of color.


  1. Empower the faculty to teach more effectively, especially through the reflective use of technology.
  2. Foster an institutional culture of teaching excellence.
  3. Establish CETLA as a national and international resource for teaching, learning, and assessment.


  1. Faculty will implement strategies that promote scholarly teaching, especially strategies that leverage the power of technology to improve student learning.
  2. Schools, departments, programs, and learning communities will collaborate to improve teaching and learning and to recognize teaching excellence.
  3. Individuals and organizations outside Howard will acknowledge the value of CETLA's resources.


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