CETLA Echo360 Resource

The Echo360 is a lecture capture system, which allows the recording of classroom lectures, meetings, speeches, and events. This system consists of video capture, student engagement tools, and analytic tools to maximize student participation and engagement for both campus-based and online courses. You can record any combination of audio, video, and information on your computer screen and publish your recordings to Blackboard.
To learn more about the Echo360 Lecture Capturing systems, please access the demo below:

Getting Started

To access Echo 360 Lecture Capturing system on Blackboard
Downloading and Installing Echo360
Creating a Link to Echo360 in the Left Navigation
Create a Recording
Reviewing and Editing a Recording
Adding a Video to a Class
Adding a Student to a course
Course Analytics overview


Uploading a Power Point presentation
How to create a Multiple choice poll Activity
How to create a Numerical Activity poll Activity
How to create an Ordered List poll Activity
How to create a short Answer poll Activity

Best Practices Resources

"The Guide on the Side" - Vodcast - Effective Strategies for Better Teaching and Greater Student Success Online or in the Classroom.
How to Use Interactivity to Optimize Student Engagement
How to Use Video to Personalize Learning in Your Course
How to Get the Most Out of Your Student Analytics
Enhancing Your Course with Video
Monitor Student Performance with Echo360 Analytics
Using Echo360 Polling to Engage Students