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Dr. A. Wade Boykin

Prof. Gregory Berry, esq.
March 2004

Professor Berry joined Howard University's Law School in 1996 after decades of experience in both academic and juridical settings. He is the only member of the law faculty to be awarded the Warren S. Rosmarin Award for Excellence in Teaching and Service (1998) and also be named Professor of the Year by the graduating class of 2003, while receiving the Distinguished Faculty Author Award from the President and Provost of the University in 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003. Professor Berry also taught, coached, or advised most of the the Law School's successful moot court teams during the past five years, including Howard University's Charles Hamilton Houston National Moot Court Team, leading it to its first ever championship in the 52-year history of the Sutherland Constitutional Law National Moot Court Competition, the nation's oldest and most prestigious moot court competition. Professor Berry is also the creator of Advice to Law Students, one of the most heavily visited legal education websites.

In July 2000, Professor Berry was appointed Law School Webmaster by the Dean of the Law School. As Webmaster, Professor Berry conceived and designed the website layout, created virtually all of the content, and maintains the website on a daily basis. His creation has exceeded the most optimistic expectations and is widely regarded as one of the Law School's most valuable resources. The website, which was launched on September 22, 2000, passed the 2,000,000 visit milestone in April 2003. Professor Berry's own faculty website, Professor Berry's Notebook, is an honored website of Jurist: Law Professors on the Web


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