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Dr. A. Wade Boykin

Dr. Elisabeth Clark-Lewis
April 2004

A pioneer in Distance-Learning (DL), Dr. Elizabeth Clark-Lewis is a Full Professor in the Department of History at Howard University.  Although, as a DL teacher, she never or rarely meets her students face-to-face, she takes them on virtual tours of museums, comments on their papers, and engages them in spirited discussions via the electronic chatroom or discussion board.

Dr. Clark-Lewis launched her career as a DL teacher in 2000, when she began teaching a DL course for the School of Continuing Education.  Then, in 2001, when the University acquired a license for the Blackboard course management system, she began offering DL courses via Blackboard for her department.  She is currently teaching African American Women in U.S. History, US History to 1877, and US History Since 1877 as DL courses, while mentoring two other history professors who are teaching online for the first time.  As always, she says, "I don’t teach an online course for Howard University.  I teach a Howard University  course online."


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