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Dr. A. Wade Boykin

Dr. Christopher DeGannes. M.D.
May 2004

After receiving his M.D. from Howard University, Dr. Christopher DeGannes began his promising career as Assistant Professor of Medicine two years ago. In this short time, Dr. DeGannes has striven to increase the prominence of Problem-Based Learning (PBL) activities in the Medical School.

Dr. DeGannes highlights PBL’s significant ability to develop necessary critical reasoning skills in Howard students. He cites the importance of not only teaching facts, but honing students’ skills and instincts to apply these facts successfully in a clinical setting.

Dr. DeGannes is currently collaborating with John’s Hopkins Medical School to develop PBL curricula and was given the Medical School’s 2003 Honored Faculty award. In honor of his pioneering work on PBL at Howard University, Dr. DeGannes has also been nominated for the American Association of Medical Colleges’s Herbert W. Nickens Faculty Fellowship. This award is given to a junior faculty member who provides leadership in addressing inequalities in the medical professions and carries an award of $15,000.


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