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Dr. A. Wade Boykin

Dr. Paul Hudrlik
September 2004

For years, Dr. Paul Hudrlik has been investigating synthetic organic chemistry and organosilicon chemistry. During his tenure at Howard University, he has published more than thirty research papers and six book chapters, becoming one of the most highly cited scientists at Howard.

Dr. Hudrlik is also one of Howard’s most highly respected teachers. On September 19, 2000, he received the National Millennium Award for Excellence in Teaching at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Worth $7,500, this prestigious award is sponsored by the White House Initiative on HBCUs in partnership with the Science and Technology cluster of federal agencies.

However, the National Millenium Award is not Dr. Hudrlik’s first teaching award. In 1988, he received the Cyanamid Academic Award for advancing the science and art of chemical synthesis and training students in its practice. Then, in 1996, he received a Certificate of Recognition from Howard's College of Arts & Sciences for his contributions to the Honors Program. He also earned a spot in the 1996 and 2002 editions of Who’s Who Among American Teachers. This listing is a significant honor since the editors solicited nominations only from students included in Who's Who Among American High School Students or The National Dean's List.

What makes Dr. Hudrlik such an effective teacher? According to the Millenium Award program, “he has an ability to communicate his extensive knowledge of chemistry to his students in a clear and concise manner.” Even outside the classroom, via his online newsletter, "Science Net," he strives to expand the knowledge of both faculty and students by informing them about science-related events at Howard and beyond. Therefore, it is not surprising that so many of his students have become successful academic and industrial chemists.

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