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Dr. A. Wade Boykin

Dr. Mary K. Perkins
February 2004

Under the direction of Dr. Perkins, students have set out to develop, source and manage a corporate-grade website aimed at better informing students of the implications of war.

Coined USTradePolicy.com, the initiative will serve as a hub for future scholarship on the economic relevance of war. USTradePolicy.com is a non-profit service-learning organization that hopes to unite campus-based associations and outside entities toward the development of a database of papers and commentary on this and future wars. The first generation of this site will focus primarily on North American and Trans-Atlantic trade, with plans to expand content in future academic terms. This strategy was chosen because it addresses the impact on trade between America's most supportive ally, Britain; its most immediate and significant trading partner, Canada; and the subsequent trade fallout with Iraq.

A student involved in the project excitedly reported, "I think it's a great start! A considerable amount of back-end work went into the formation of this web presence. All of this can be leveraged by future classes to hone in on the key issues of war using this global platform." Another student chimed in: "the web presence will prove to be a valuable learning tool for all students, not just economics majors."

Future capabilities of the website include chat room functionality, message boards and streaming media. The web development was executed by Area 51 Media, a Virginia-based technology firm, and was graciously funded by contributions from the Howard University Center for Service Learning.


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