featured Teacher September 2018

Professor Nea Maloo

Nea is an educator currently teaching in the Architecture department, Design Studio, Structures, Environmental Systems, South Asia Art and Architecture and Professional Practice classes at Howard University, college of engineering and Architecture. She also believes that architecture is contextual and encourages her students to travel to gain experience, initiating a travel led education to South Asia.

Nea is passionate about environmental design and technical education and is licensed in DC, MD and VA. She has combined these core values in her architectural practice and the academic community. Her teaching pedagogy is to integrate technical integration in design to create wholistic learning in her students. Her technical expertise and background in sustainability design brings a unique perspective to design weaving architecture and education to the built environment.

Nea is active in the architectural and academic communities publishing and presenting several educations and outreach-based initiatives. She has also served on various panels to share her perspectives on topic related to environmental design and is appointed as the HBCU Liaison for NOMAs for 2018-19. She also has served as guest juror to the Architecture department of several universities including University of Maryland, Notre Dame, Indiana, University of District of Columbia.

Nea Maloo is the Founder and Principal Architect of Showcase Architects an award-winning practice focused on environmental architecture, community planning and urban design. The firm’s design philosophy explores modern architecture through a spatial, material and contextual approach combining contemporary techniques with sustainable systems. Nea brings twenty-five years of experience and leadership to a range of project types in the public and private sectors. Her expertise is providing innovative design solutions in complex technical projects with integration of systems.

Nea at young age, practiced asana and pranayama(breathing) in India to help balance her health and life. She learned yoga from the gurus of India and believes that Health is the greatest wealth one can possess. As educator and professional it has helped her to enhance her focus, concentration, listening and to maintain equanimity within her.  

Integrating yoga before class, calms the mind of teacher and it helps the performance of the instructor within the class, by projecting a sense of balance, energy and focus needed in the classroom. When a student experiences a calmness and knowledge is internally influenced to receive the lesson better and become calm. The student and the teacher both have busy stressful life, integration of asana (stretching poses, balancing poses) and breathing exercises(pranayama) brings out the best in both. Active instructors who integrate yoga or contemplative practice such as meditation, pranayama create relaxed classroom atmosphere, making teaching and engaging students in wholistic way. Nea wishes to connect with her students and with the help of cetlas wellness program help others to do the same. Yoga has enhanced her teaching of difficult concepts easy and help the student to receive the knowledge with aligning body, mind and soul to create future leaders.