featured Teacher September 2018

Professor Ingrid Sturgis


Ingrid Sturgis is an Associate Professor in the Cathy Hughes School of Communication, specializing in new media in the Department of Media, Journalism and Film. Professor Sturgis has worked as a reporter and editor for newspapers such as the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Times-Herald Record and the Poughkeepsie Journal as well as managing editor for magazine start-ups BET Weekend and Savoy. She began working in interactive media in 1985 as a member of the New York Time’s videotext project. She has worked online since 2001 in positions such as senior programming manager for AOL's Black Voices, as editor-in-chief for Essence.com, and more recently as a web strategist for fierceforblackwomen.com. She has also serves as an editor for Howard University’s fact-checking site truthbetold.news.

Professor Sturgis is firmly rooted in traditional as well as digital journalism, where she has contributed to CETLA’s work in digital learning and wellness. Consequently, digital media has become the focus of Professor Sturgis’s research, which addresses the digital divide, and how unrepresented groups use mobile technology and social media to empower communities, which is critical for a healthy democratic society. To help further that aim, she is a co-chair of the School of Communications annual Social Media Technology Conference and Workshop in the School of Communications. She has taught such courses as Digital Media Literacy, Multimedia Storytelling, Interactive Editing and Journalism Practicum. Her research led her to develop fully-connected.com, a mobile media project that aimed to curate news, information and resources targeting the Black diaspora in the U.S.