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Application Guidelines

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Application deadline: April 15, 2018 We are no longer accepting applications

During the HU-Teach cycle, all Howard University full-time faculty are eligible to apply. Former  applicants may click EDIT at the bottom of this page to revise their previous application. Before submitting an application, applicants must obtain their chairperson’s approval to schedule their proposed course during Spring, Summer, or Fall 2019.  Please note that faculty may propose only one course and apply for only one stipend during the application cycle. Moreover, only one faculty member may apply per course; if the course is team-taught, only the course coordinator may apply.

Applicants may propose to teach 30%, 60%, or 100% online:

  1.  Applicants who wish to teach 30% online should “flip” a course by moving 30% of instruction (e.g., 9 lectures) online so that students can engage in more activities in the classroom.
  2. Applicants who wish to teach 60% online should already have 30% of their course online.  They should move the equivalent of 9 additional lectures online, turning the course into a “hybrid” that also encourages active learning in the classroom.
  3. Finally, applicants who wish to teach 100% online should have at least 30% of their course online as well. However, they should move all of their instruction online, although orientations and proctored testing may take place on campus. The HU-Teach Subcommitte will reserve some 100% online slots for qualified applicants from existing or emerging online programs. (Note: Applicants who were selected for a previous HU-Teach cycle may apply only to make a 30% or 60% online course 100% online.)

Click here to see examples of all three types of courses from a previous HU-Teach cycle.

If selected, applicants who wish to teach 30% or 60% online must complete an all-day Course Redesign Seminar on May 8 or 9 at the Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning & Assessment (CETLA).  On the other hand, finalists who wish to teach 100% online must complete CETLA’s online seminar, Best Practices in Distance-Learning (June 5-9)—unless they have already earned DL certification from CETLA.   Finalists who do not fulfill the training requirements in time will not be eligible to participate in this HU-Teach cycle.  Moreover, finalists who do not meet the course submission deadlines (see the "Timetable") will not advance in the HU-Teach design process, unless they can document an emergency. Finalists must possess the time and technology (i.e., a reliable internet connection) to participate in the training and design process.  Therefore, it is imperative that faculty check their calendars for potential schedule conflicts (especially, travel abroad) before submitting an application.


Evaluators from the HU-Teach Subcommittee will score applications on a scale of 1-5, according to the following criteria in weighted order:

  1. How well will the proposed course fulfill HU-Teach objectives? 
  2. How well will the proposed changes enhance teaching, learning, and assessment?
  3. How easily can the proposed changes be applied to other courses or modified by other faculty?

After scoring the applications, the evaluators will rank them and select no more than 30 for this HU-Teach cycle.  However, the evaluators may adjust the ranking to ensure that the HU-Teach program reflects the range of schools and colleges and levels of technology experience that are represented in the applicant pool.


HU-Teach will pay stipends to faculty for two kinds of conversions:

  1. It will pay a stipend to faculty to flip traditional face-to-face courses if they move at least 30% of their lectures to the Web (on any platform).  HU-Teach will also pay an initial stipend to faculty who have already flipped at least 30% of their lectures if they flip an additional 30% or more of their lectures to the Web (on any platform).
  2. HU-Teach will pay a stipend to faculty who convert a course that is already at least 30% online to a 100% online course on Blackboard, the official on-campus LMS. (Note: Only one applicant for a team-taught course will recieve a stipend; that applicant will be responsible for distributing files among his or her collaborators.)

As indicated above, finalists will earn 1/3 stipend after fulfilling the training requirements, and the remaining 2/3 after their course is approved by HU-Teach.  The amount of the stipend will be based upon the summer pay schedule: 1/39 x Base Salary x # credit hours.   For the sake of this calculation, the number of credit hours will not exceed three. Thus, stipends will normally range from $3,000 - $8,000, depending upon a finalist’s rank and school or college.  However, the HU-Teach program can only submit a finalist’s name for payment; the program staff cannot determine when the stipend will be paid. 

Privacy/Copyright Notice:  CETLA will post approved applications and finalists’ other HU-Teach files (e.g., syllabi, worksheets, etc.) on its website as models for interested faculty. In addition, the HU-Teach Subcommittee will evaluate the program and share the (anonymous) results.

We are no longer accepting applications

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