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Application Review

Evaluators will score applications on a scale of 1-5, according to the following criteria in weighted order:

  1. How well will the proposed course fulfill HU-TEACH objectives? 
  2. How well will the proposed changes enhance teaching, learning, and assessment?
  3. How easily can the proposed changes be applied to other courses or modified by other faculty?

Course Design Review

Reviewers will assess the design of the redesigned courses, using the nationally recognized Quality Matters rubric.

Note:  Reviewers can earn $1,000 for reviewing six HU-Teach courses according to the posted timetable. To qualify, you should have (1) earned Blackboard and Distance-Learning certification, (2) taught an online course, and (3) completed CA12 Assessing Online Courses or the equivalent.  If you meet these qualifications, download the application on the right and email it to cetla@howard.edu. If you are selected and submit thorough and accurate reviews during an HU-Teach cycle, we will add your name to CETLA’s list of “Certified Reviewers” (see above).  However, please note that CETLA’s certification for reviewers is not the same as the nationally recognized certification granted by the Quality Matters Program.

Course Evaluation



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