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Fall 2014 Survey: What Were the Benefits?

For Finalists For Reviewers
Better understanding of course design (85-95%); new ideas to improve HU-Teach course (100%); will make several or significant changes in other courses (90%)
•New ideas to improve their own online courses (100%)
Online Course: Better understanding of online design (100%); made several or significant changes in online design of HU-Teach course (95%)
•New ideas to improve their own face-to-face courses (85%)
Face-to-Face Course:  Better understanding of how to stimulate active learning in classroom (95%); made several or significant changes in face-to-face design of HU-Teach course (57%)  

Finalists' Responses

Benefits for Online Teaching

•“The most significant change was a shift in how I viewed online course design in general. My reviewers gave me great feedback, and I slowly realized that e-learning is not a substitute for in class learning, but a whole world unto itself. In some ways, I was using blackboard as an e-version of my in-person class, (e.g. I simply posted word docs or powerpoints of what I would have covered in an in-person class) After participating in HU-Teach, I am able to change the way I present material to create a more interactive learning environment and to improve "work flow" for students as they navigate the site.”

•“I now incorporate grading rubrics and I am utilizing much more of the blackboard tools than I had in the past.”

•“I have started using the discussion board more for my other courses, and I will put my quizzes online as well.”

•“This experience helped me motivate more faculty in my School to pursue online teaching. The Reviewers were very instrumental in making changes to the course during the conversion.”

•“This program provided me with some great ways to more thoroughly engage my students outside of class time that I have already incorporated into my courses this semester.”

Benefits for Classroom Teaching

•“Absolutely, I now feel free to use class time for ‘lab’ time, using hands-on resources that students need to practice with.”
•“I find I am able to have more interaction in the classroom, and deeper conversations on topics.”
•“I will now be able to utilize more in-class time to engage in discussions about the course assignments rather than showing them in class prior to discussion.”
•“I intend to flip all of my classes.”

Reviewers' Responses

Benefits for Their Own Online Teaching

•“When I looked at a course that I had, I thought it really had good bones, but now I know it could be so much better….The course could come alive.”

•“It helps to see how students view the course.”

•“I recognized some shortcomings [in my own courses] that can be improved.”

•“I saw how important it was to have the course organized in folders….It really helps the learner feel more secure by being able to find items quickly.”

•“[I will] share what I learned with my colleagues in my department.”

Benefits for Their Own Classroom Teaching

•“Seeing people’s concrete use of the flipped classroom made me think more about altering my own classes to allow for more efficient use of physical classroom time.”

•“Lots of new ideas about how to use classroom time more efficiently!”

•“It has been a great growth and learning experience.”



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