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2017 Timetable




Febuary 27

The Provost announces a new cycle, and CETLA posts the updated application online.


April 21

Applications are due online before midnight. Upon submitting, applicants will automatically receive confirmation via email.


April 28

Last day of classes


April 21- May 2

The HU-Teach Subcommittee scores applications.


May 2

The HU-Teach Subcommittee selects and notifies finalists.
End of Spring 2016 Semester


May 5

Applications to review HU-Teach courses are due before midnight.
CETLA sends applicants the HU-Teach Subcommittee's feedback.

Reviewer Application

May 8 or 9

CETLA conducts a one-day Course Redesign Seminar, 9am – 5pm. Finalists who plan to teach 30% or 60% online must attend ONE day--either May 9 or May 10--unless they completed CRSI in 2012 or later. Finalists upload to the HU-Teach portal the current syllabus for the course they wish to redesign.


May 10

30% and 60% Finalists may take LC09 Introduction to Active Learning from 11am-1pm


May 11

Finalists may take VT01 Video-recording Your Lectures from 10am – 12pm at CETLA if they wish to use Tegrity to post lectures online and do not know how.


May 15

Finalists may participate in WC01 Helping Students Write to Learn About a Discipline. So that they can use informal writing to


May 29

Memorial Day


May 15 - 19

CETLA conducts the DL Seminar for uncertified finalists who plan to teach 100% online courses. Finalists who plan to teach 100% online must complete DLSI at this time unless they earned credit earlier. Learn how to design and deliver a fully online course, according to national standards. Prerequisite: Bb Certification


June 16

Participants who have met all training and syllabus requirements are approved for 1/3 stipend.


June 18

Finalists upload their revised syllabus, Course Redesign Worksheet, and Instructor Worksheet, and build half of their course before midnight. CETLA adds their assigned reviewers to their course site.

Revised Syllabus, Course Redesign Worksheet, Instructor Worksheet, 1/2 Course Site
(click here for details)

June 19- July 3

Reviewers conduct the 1st Review and calibrate their scores.


July 18

Finalists submit their completed courses for the 2nd Review.

Updated Course Redesign Worksheet, Completed Course Site
(click here for details)

July 19 – August 1

Reviewers conduct the 2nd Review.


August 2- 8

Finalists whose courses have been approved by the reviewers and CETLA will be approved for the remaining 2/3 stipend. If not approved, finalists must revise and resubmit for a 3rd Review. Finalists with a documented emergency may have to wait until the next group of HU-Teach reviewers is hired if they miss the 3rd review deadline.


August 9-15

Reviewers conduct a 3rd Review, if necessary. Reviewers who submitted thorough and accurate reviews on time will be approved for payment when the 3rd Review period ends.


August 16 -

Any finalist whose course was not approved makes an appointment for a consultation with CETLA. Finalists revise until courses are approved by CETLA. (The last day to get a course approved is August 28th).


Last modified on 02/23/2017


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