cetla fellows

CETLA Fellows were faculty members who were appointed by their respective deans to serve as liaisons between CETLA and their school or college.

Below is an archive of some of the Fellows that have supported CETLA in the past. 

Dr. Clarence Moore (Pharmacy):



AY 2015-16 Goal: To assist faculty with “flipping” their courses.






DR. Amy Yeboah (Arts & Sciences):  



AY 2015-16 Goal: To survey COAS faculty to determine how much they value and use instructional technology and what they would like to do with it.




Dr. Tamarah Moss (social work):  



AY 2015-16 Goal: To enhance use of technology in teaching with a specific focus on online lectures.




MS. Sandra Osborne (Dentistry):  



AY 2015-16 Goal: To support faculty use of Blackboard (including Tegrity) and to increase Bb and DL certifications.




DR. Rajni Goel (Business):  



AY 2015-16 Goal: To increase the number of faculty who can teach with the Epson “smart” projector. To increase School of Business participation in the HU-Teach program.



Dr. Rhea Ballard-Thrower (Law):  



AY 2015-16 Goal: To prepare faculty for the American Bar Association’s new focus on assessment.




Dr. Harry Keeling (Engineering, Architecture & Computer Science):  



AY 2015-16 Goal: To help more faculty redesign their courses for online teaching.





Dr. Nancy Murphy (Nursing & Allied Health):  



AY 2015-16 Goal: To improve faculty’s item-writing and item analysis skills as well as their ability to help their students write better.




dr. Ingrid Sturgis (Communications):  



AY 2015-16 Goal: To increase the use of electronic portfolios and rubrics.





dr. michael newheart (DIVINITY):  



AY 2015-16 Goal:   To engage more faculty in teaching with Blackboard, especially with the Blackboard version of the HUSD Writing Rubric.





Dr. Swati Goel (Medicine):  



AY 2015-16 Goal: To equip faculty with tools and strategies for "flipping" the classroom.

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