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Blackboard Online Certification

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CETLA’S COVID-19 ("Coronavirus") Information and Resources for FACULTY

The University will shift courses to online and remote instruction following Spring Break from March 23, 2020 through the remainder of the semester. This is an evolution from our earlier statement. All faculty should move their courses to online or alternative delivery by March 23, 2020. Read the full updated announcement and any other relevant information here

Blackboard Online Certification
  • Great News! CETLA is now offering Online Blackboard Certification. Click Here to register!


  1. Once you decide to you want to complete the online training, please go to the website workshop calendar and sign-up for the Blackboard Online Certification Workshop. When you sign up, it gives us notice that you are pursuing certification and provides us a way to communicate with you as needed.

  2. Next, in preparation for completing the training, please you can check your workshop transcript to determine what courses if any you have completed so far and which you still need to complete. You should go to the CETLA website and pull your own transcript, which is available to you, 24/7, without assistance. You will need your Bisonid to pull your transcript. If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to email my staff at

  3. Next, you must complete each of the Blackboard Courses, i.e., BB01 – BB07, to gain your Blackboard certification. Traditionally, we required you to take BB01 in person, and then you were permitted to earn credit for the other courses by taking the classes 1) in person, 2) testing out in person, or 3) completing the online training course modules. Because of the disruption caused by COVID-19, CETLA must certify you through the online course modules.

  4. We will give you credit for BB01 if you either 1) attended the Blackboard Basics Course presented by Dr. Helen Bond, Wednesday, March 18, (and, yes, we have a record of your attendance) or 2) you watched the recording of the workshop and let us know that you did when asked,

  5. For courses, BB02-BB07, you will complete those courses using the online course modules accessible through the BB Online Certification course on the CETLA website. After signing up the course and we enroll you, you are given access to the training modules that you will complete independently. The BB02-BB07 courses are asynchronous and can be completed in any order. Once you complete all six BB courses and are ready to complete the lab assignment(s), you will request a Blackboard Course site via the modules. There is a link in the modules where you request a Guest Site to demonstrate certain skills. Once you complete all six BB courses and are ready to complete the lab assignment(s), you will request a Blackboard Course site at cetla@howard.edu. Once provided, you will use the Blackboard Course site provided to demonstrate your mastery per the lab assignment instructions. Each module includes a workshop video and a hands-on lab that you are prompted to complete from within the module. You should be able to complete each module in no more than 1-2 hours. In any event, you will have up to three days, i.e., 72 hours, to complete the lab assignment.

    As we anticipate a lot of interest, we must recycle the course sites through the many faculty wanting to earn their Blackboard certification. As a consequence, we cannot extend your use of the course site beyond three days as other faculty will be waiting in a cue to use the course site to complete their training. We appreciate your understanding and adherence to the rules. Once you are done, you will send an email per Dr. Bond’s instructions, cc’ing cetla@howard.edu. Dr. Bond, or other members of our team, will review your lab assignment to determine if you have successfully completed the certification process. If you have, CETLA will list you as Blackboard certified and provide you with a certificate of completion for your records and your workshop transcript will be updated to reflect that fact.

  6. Last, if we are all disciplined and patient, large numbers of faculty can achieve Blackboard certification by August 31.

  7. For those interested in also earning Distance Learning certification, we will hold the “Best Practices in Distance Learning” (DL) class in May. The DL class is a full-week online class, requiring you to complete an average of 3-hours of work each day, Monday through Friday. To participate in the DL class, you must be Blackboard certified first. As we can only handle about 25 participants in the DL course one time, we hope to run the DL class more than once, perhaps as many as four to five times, before the end of June, so the challenge is on!

  8. In the end, as the swiftness and abruptness of the pandemic crisis has proven, we must be flexible, adapt and prepare now for what might come. CETLA, and its team, has put the resources in place to help you achieve your Blackboard and Distance Learning certification goals. We look forward, and are excited, to work with you in meeting those goals!

Instructional and Technical Support

For technical support with Blackboard, contact the Howard University help desk at helpdesk@howard.edu or call 202-806-2020.

For instructional support, contact CETLA Blackboard instructional helpdesk at howardedu.bbhelp@gmail.com or call 202-681-7866 or 202-681-7868.

Scheduled hours for phone support are:
Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST and Friday - 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST.
Hours will begin, March 16, 2020, 10 a.m.



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