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Embedded YouTube Videos
Do you embed YouTube videos in your Blackboard site, using the Blackboard mashup or VideoEverywhere tool?  If so, you will probably see an error message if you try to play the video.  According to Blackboard Managed Hosting, Google recently began shutting down access to its YouTube API, i.e., the instructions Blackboard’s developers need to ensure that Blackboard’s tools remain compatible with the YouTube interface.  The Blackboard company hopes to resolve this issue soon.  However, in the meantime, here are two “workarounds”:

  1.  Hyperlink the Thumbnail: If you have already posted the videos and you want a quick fix, simply hyperlink the thumbnail image to the video.  You do not need to know the URL or go to YouTube.com.  Just click here to follow these steps.
  2. Embed the Video in HTML Mode: If you are adding videos to your course site, find your video on YouTube.com and then click here to follow these steps.

Of course, if you don’t care whether the video is embedded, you can always post the YouTube URL instead of the video.

Missing Courses.  If you are still enrolled in a lot of old courses, when you log into Blackboard, you may need to click the right-hand corner of the MY COURSES box, check off GROUP BY TERM, and click SUBMIT in order to see your current courses.

Printing a Test.  If you wish to print a test from Blackboard, see these instructions [PDF]

Displaying the Weighted Columns. If you are using Internet Explorer , the Weighted Columns page may be hard to read. As you can see from this file, using Mozilla Firefox will dramatically improve the readability. 

Disabling Pop-up Blockers  If you want Blackboard tests to "pop up" with one question at a time, you may need to disable your pop-up browser.  These instructions by Nacubo explain how. [PDF]

Accessing Files from the Digital Drop Box. Even though Blackboard 9 does not include a digital drop box, you can still access the files that were inside the drop box via a URL: 


The URL opens a window(login may be necessary) with a list of all the courses that contain dropbox files for that user. The window has no navigation points to the rest of the Academic Suite. The course hyperlinks for all the files for that course will be displayed and can be downloaded individually.

Posting Announcements. If you create an announcement and it does not appear, check the dates of availability in EDIT mode, but also make sure your course site is available.  Announcements will not appear until the course is available.  Moreover, if you post announcements before a course is available, you will not be able to delete them unless you change the order.

Making your old Announcement Page the Default Entry Point.

1. Turn the Edit mode to ON.
2. Click on [+] to expand create new link items and select 'Create Tool Link'
3. Enter: Name: Announcements, Type: Announcements, and check the box 'Available to users'
4. Submit
5. Drag the newly created 'Announcements' button below 'Home Page' button
6. Hide the 'Home Page' link by clicking on the double-arrow drop-down menu
7. Click 'OK' when you get the message: "The entry point will change to the next available content"

This should make the course site just like the older version.

Downloading Files

If, at first, your web browser prevents the file from downloading, look for a message banner above and check the options. Be patient: Even if you authorize the download, you may have to start all over again! If you are using Internet Explorer and continue to have problems, see Information Here for tips. If you can't download any files (including "Information Bar.doc"), click HELP in your browser's toolbar.

Downloading MS Office Files without Authenticating Again
If you are prompted to log in again (see the screenshot), while downloading an MS Office file, see the following recommendations from Blackboard, Inc.:

  1. Update your MS Office version to the latest service pack. Each version of Office contains various bugs around WebDAV behavior that are fixed in later service packs. This can avoid a lot of prompts!
  2. Make sure to add your Blackboard site to your trusted sites list in IE's "Internet Options > Security" settings. This will help if your system administrator has turned on persistent cookies and you are on Windows Vista or Windows 7.
  3. Clear your browser's cookies and cache (if on IE8, deselect to keep data for favorite sites) to resolve a different, but somewhat similar problem that is often confused with the issues described here.
  4. It is a good idea and generally recommended to set your Office file types (DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX) to open in Office stand-alone, rather than in Office OLE-embedded into the browser (IE only). This significantly reduces problems accessing or saving those files, especially with buggy versions of MS Office. To do so, in Windows Explorer access "Tools > Folder Options > File Types tab", scroll to the desired filetype (extension), and click the "Advanced" button. DE-select the checkbox for "browse in same window" and OK the dialogs. This whole "file types" interface is unfortunately missing from Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008, please compare this article or this tool for some options or see the MS KB-articles above for editing the registry to achieve this.

















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