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Blackboard Collaborate is a web-conferencing application that will empower you to teach “live” classes, record them if desired, and email links to invite participants or to share recordings.  With Blackboard Collaborate, you will be able to conduct classes with Voice over IP, multi-point video, interactive whiteboards, desktop or application sharing, file transfer, and more.  Meanwhile, your students will be able to participate in “live” class sessions “on the go” via their laptops, tablets, or phones.  Now with the release of the Ultra version of Collaborate, web-conferencing and teleconferencing just got easier!  To preview the new Ultra version, click the video below.  

Note:  The polling and breakout rooms are still in development for Ultra, so if you need to use the old version, click here for instructions.

Introducing the Ultra Experience!

Welcome to Blackboard’s next generation web conferencing. It's designed to run right in the browser, making online collaboration easier than ever. Group work, meetings, lectures, and more… whatever your goal, Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra Experience makes communication easy. Now, you can forget about the technology... and focus on each other.

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