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Sample Faculty Consent Form

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VT01 Videotaping Your Lectures

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Click here to test your computer for compatibility with Tegrity. If you need to download recommended software, go to CETLA's download page. If you do not have authority to download software on your computer, contact the ETS Help Desk.

Tegrity Help for Faculty
Click here for a Quick Start sheet and here for a printable instructor's guide.
(Note: Click here for Tegrity help for students.)

Best Practices (recommended by the Teaching, Learning & Technology Committee)
1. Include in your syllabi (1) a waiver that states that classes will be recorded and (2) a prohibition against duplicating or redistributing the recordings.
2. If you plan to "flip" your classroom, record only your own image and voice so that you can post the videos online for future classes without having to seek students' permission.
3. Restrict access to videos (e.g., via a Blackboard login) and limit copyrighted content so that you will not have to seek permission to embed copyrighted material.
4. Move videos from your old Blackboard courses to your "private" Blackboard course so that you can continue to stream those videos after each Blackboard purge.
5. Confirm that you have chosen your preferred delivery settings in Tegrity if you do not want students to download videos.

New User Interface and Learning Experience

Below, listen to professors from Reedley College discuss their experience with Tegrity lecture capture. Now that you can videotape your lectures, click here to find out how you can "flip" your classroom.
WARNING: When you click SHARE YOUR RECORDING, refrain from checking off DO NOT ALLOW ANONYMOUS USERS TO VIEW; otherwise, your students will not be able to access Tegrity via the link. Instead, if you want to restrict access to your recording, post the link within Blackboard or another password-protected site.

How to Record

A Few Items When You First Open Your Course

Class and Recording Management Tools

How to Generate Reports


How to Edit Your Recording

Enhanced Editor UI

Screenshot of a Tegrity Recording

How to Deliver Your Recording

How to Change Settings

How to Rearrange Recordings

How to Proctor Exams

How to (miscellaneous)

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