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Teaching with the Epson BrightLink Pro Projector (1410wi/1430wi/697ui)




Epson iProjector Apps


SR05 Getting Started with the Epson BrightLink Pro Projector(Online)

Note: Only faculty scheduled to teach in a classroom with an Epson Projector are eligible for Epson certification.

Discover how to operate and teach effectively with Epson BrightLink Pro Projector (1410wi, 1430wi 697ui).   Then, just walk into your classroom, turn on this self-calibrating projector, and start writing or drawing on the whiteboard, adding pages and inserting images, as needed.  Or if you connect your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, project, annotate, capture, and share your content with your students or others.  Or turn the interactive pen into a mouse so that you can control, from the screen, the application you are running on your device. 
To earn Epson Certification (SR05), follow the steps:

  1. Click here to determine which Epson model you have in your classroom. If you have the 1410wi, 1430wi or 697ui model, continue with this SR05 tutorial. If you have the older 485 model, take the SR03 tutorial instead.
  2. Click here to read the SR05 objectives.
  3. Watch the Epson BrightLink Pro Overview video on YouTube.
  4. Read the appropriate EPSON Get Started guide. (See below)
  5. Watch the required videos. (See below)
  6. Pass the SR05 online quiz. (See below)

After successfully completing this online tutorial, you should be prepared for hands-on practice and certification (see SR06 below).  Although you must earn a score of 100% on the online quiz, you may repeat the quiz until you pass.  When you pass the quiz, you will see a link to a form for setting up an appointment (30 minutes per individual) for hands-on practice and certification at CETLA. When you come to CETLA, remember to bring the laptop you plan to use in the classroom and make sure you have downloaded any necessary software(see SR06 for details).

Epson BrightLink 697ui Projector

pdf  icon EPSON 697ui Brochure

pdf  icon EPSON 697ui Get Started!

pdf  icon EPSON 697ui User Guide

697ui Frequently Asked Questions

697ui Drivers and Mobile Apps

Epson BrightLink Pro 1430wi Projector

pdf  icon EPSON 1430wi Brochure

pdf  icon EPSON 1430wi Get Started!

pdf  icon EPSON 1430wi User Guide

1430wi Frequently Asked Questions

1430wi Drivers and Mobile Apps

Epson BrightLink Pro 1410wi Projector

pdf  icon EPSON 1410wi Brochure

pdf  icon EPSON 1410wi Get Started!

pdf  icon EPSON 1410wi User Guide

1410wi Frequently Asked Questions

1410wi Drivers and Mobile Apps

CETLA Videos (required)

Epson Videos

  1. Whiteboard Mode
  2. Interactive Mode
  3. Annotation Mode


  1. Whiteboard Mode
  2. Annotation Mode
  3. Interactive Mode
  4. Touchscreen Mode (required for 1430wi/697ui)

Epson iProjector App Instructions

To visit the Epson Mobile App website, click here.

Click here to take the SR05 quiz.
You may repeat the quiz as often as needed in order to earn 100%


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