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Come join us for a little fun in the sun during CETLA'S 2018 Summer Institute!  We have something for everyone!  Just click CALENDAR on CETLA’s homepage -- http://www.cetla.howard.edu/workshops/calendars.html
 and then MAY and/or  JUNE to find an enlightening activity that helps you meet your professional development goals!  Don't forget your blanket, shades and lemonade!

  1. Blackboard Catch-Up Week: June 30 - May 3 (thanks to all who took advantage of this opportunity!)
  2. Course Redesign Seminar (for HU-Teach),  Monday, May 7 or Tuesday, 8, 9 am to 5 pm  (lunch served)
  3. Active Learning LC09, Wednesday, May 9, 11 am to 1 pm. 
  4. VT01 Video-Recording Your Lectures, May 10, 10 am-12 noon
  5. Best Practices in Distance Learning Training, Monday - Thursday, May 14 - 18 (online)
  6. Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC): May 22-24 (9:30 am -12:30 pm (continental breakfast served)  -- Do your students need help with their writing?  Every discipline requires good writing and communication skills. This seminar will show you how students can "write to learn" the subject matter of a discipline and how you can help them "learn to write" about a discipline.
  7. Inside Out Dr. Bahiyyah Muhammad, May 21-25, in a two workshop series -- Workshop #1 - 

Prison Inside Out: Crime and Justice Behind the Wall  - Are You Interested in Teaching Inside a Jail or Prison, Come Learn All About Dr. Bahiyyah Muhammad's Inside Out Program at Howard University, Monday, May 21, from 2 pm to 4 pm, and 2. Workshop Series #2 -- Policing Inside Out:  Building Trust and Cohesion Through Transformative Education, Tuesday, May 22 though Friday, May 25, at CETLA, May 22 - 24, Tuesday through Thursday, 9:30 am to 5:00 pm (lunch served) and Friday, May 25, 9:30 to 12:30 p. 

(you may sign-up for these workshops now on the CETLA website) Do you want to learn about the Inside Out pedagogy?  Do you teach a class that you are willing to teach inside a local prison/jail to engage your students in experiential learning?  Attend the Inside-Out Seminar to gain information about the history and future of Inside Out at Howard University.


Every discipline requires good writing and communication skills. Do your students need help with their writing? Do you need help fulfilling your “Writing Matters” pledge or handling the paper load?  Or perhaps you are a faculty member in COAS or Allied Health and need to become WAC-certified so that your students can fulfill the third writing requirement in your department.  Do you want to earn WAC credentials because you are responsible for the writing-intensive course, orientation, or support program in your school or college?  

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, sign up now for the Writing Across the Curriculum Seminar that takes place on May 22-24 from 9:00 am until 12:30 pm at CETLA.  You can register for one day or multiple days.  Learn how to design writing assignments that can improve students' learning and writing.  A continental breakfast will be served each day.

Just click MAY on our calendar page http://www.cetla.howard.edu/workshops/calendars.html and sign up for one, two, or all three days.  *If you wish to earn a WAC certificate, you must attend all three days and complete all workshop requirements.

See more below:

May 22-24, 9:00 am – 12:30 pm at CETLA
Instructor: English Professor Daria Winter, WAC

Can you add this idea:  Have you been scheduled to teach a WAC course for the upcoming fall semester and have not yet been certified by the WAC program to do so? Since you must be WAC-certified in order for students to receive credit for the third required writing course, take the first step toward certification by completing the WAC Summer Workshop successfully. Then, the next step is to submit a syllabus that fulfills the WAC certification requirements and is approved by the WAC Committee. You will join the WAC-certified faculty and become officially prepared to teach the third writing course in your department. We encourage all Chairs to send any newly assigned faculty or those who may not have completed the process to register for the WAC Certification Summer Workshop to be held in CETLA. We urge all to attend!

WC01 “Helping Students Write to Learn About a Discipline” (Tuesday, May 22 from 9:00 am – 12:30 pm)
- Ensure that students read, listen and observe carefully.
- Help students make sense of lessons, readings, and experiences.
- Encourage students to think critically and talk thoughtfully about the subject
- Enable students to monitor their learning.
- Help students generate and collect ideas for a formal paper.

WC03  “Helping Students Learn to Write in a Discipline” (Wednesday, May 25 from 9:00 am – 12:30pm)
- Help students grasp the conventions of writing in your field.
- Equip students with effective composing strategies.
- Empower students to improve their editing skills.
- Deter plagiarism.

WC06  “Handling the Paper Load” (Thursday, May 26 from 9:00 am – 12:30pm)
- Design assignments for easier evaluation.
- Share the responsibility for evaluation.
- Choose the most appropriate response to student writing.
- Grade accurately and consistently.


Please join CETLA for its 2018 Summer Institute in welcoming Dr. Bahiyyah Muhammad's Transformative Priosn and Policing Inside Out Initiatives.  Come Learn All About Them!  There are two workshop series, see below.  You can sign-up by going to the CETLA's homepage and clicking Calendar http://www.cetla.howard.edu/workshops/calendars.html .  You cam sign-up for one or more of the workshops. 

See below.

Workshop Series #1 - Monday, May 21, 2018, 2 pm to 4 pm
Prison Inside Out: Crime and Justice Behind the Wall
Interested in teaching inside a correctional setting or having your class attend a prison tour?  Sign up for this conversation about Prison Inside Out at Howard University with Dr. Bahiyyah M. Muhammad, Campus Administrator.
May 21st:  2:00- 4:00PM



DC Department of Corrections and Howard University Partner ...
Inside Out: Crime and Justice Behind The Walls. Inmate scholars and Howard University student participate in an educational experience to promote social and criminal justice. | WHUR 96.3 FM is Washington DC's original black, urban, adult contemporary (ac) radio station playing the best mix of old school, new music, R&B and classic soul.



Workshop Objectives:

  1. Gain historical perspective of Prisons Inside Out program.
  2. Identify successful methodologies for building partnerships with departments of corrections.
  3. How to sign up for training through the International Prison Exchange Program.


Workshop Series #2 - Tuesday. May 22 through Friday, May 25, 2018 , 9:30 am to 5 pm (lunch will be served) , Friday will be half-day, 9:30 to 12:30 pm.

Policing Inside Out:  Building Trust and Cohesion Through Transformative Education
May 22 - May 25:  9:30– 5:00PM *by participating and completing workshop objectives, you can become certified in Policing Inside Out.

Come learn about Policing Inside Out, exclusively offered at Howard University with Founding Director, Dr. Bahiyyah M. Muhammad, Department of Sociology and Criminology.  

Workshop Objectives:

  1. Gain historical perspective of Policing Inside Out program.
  2. Identify successful methodologies for building partnerships with law enforcement departments.
  3. Discuss various program models that are specific to region. 
  4. Explore program pitch options.
  5. Create implementation plan, specific to your university, college or department.
  6. Identify appropriate course readings, ice-breaker exercises, and cultural excursion.

Certification Prep Requirement:

  1. Come to workshop with working syllabus for a course you plan to structure as a Policing Inside Out course.
  2. Be prepared to share your personal perspectives on contemporary issues revolving around community police relations.
  3. View the attached links and program media to gain an introductory understanding of the program and process. 

Program Media:


Introduction Video:  Policing Inside Out

Policing Inside Out: Building Trust in Communities of Color
Groundbreaking Trust-Building model between police and communities of color. Policing Inside-Out, a partnership between IACP’s Institute for Community-Police ...

Policing Inside Out Program:  Press Release

ViewResult - IACP Homepage
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 7, 2016. IACP Contact: Sarah Guy 703-647-7226 or guy@theiacp.org. Howard University Contact: Anthony Owens 202-870-9208 or Anthony.Owens@howard.edu

CBS News:  Building Trust Between Minority Communities and Law Enforcement 

Watch CBS Evening News: "Policing inside-out" - Full show on CBS All Access
Washington D.C.'s Howard University is offering a unique class where students and police officers share their experiences with each other. Jeff Pegues reports.

CBS Baltimore:  Policing Inside Out Course

WJLA:  Howard University's "Inside Out Class" takes on police relations

IACP Blog:  IACP & Howard Partner for Policing Inside Out

IACP and Howard University Team Up On Policing Inside-Out Program
The IACP’s Institute for Community Police Relations (ICPR) has formed a partnership with Howard University to offer an innovative 15-week course entitled, Policing Inside-Out: Building Trust Throug…

The Grio:  Policing Inside Out


Howard Newsroom:  1 Year of Policing Inside Out

Howard University Television:  Policing Inside Out on @Howard

National Expansion of Policing Inside Out

Contact Information for:
Bahiyyah M. Muhammad, Ph.D.
Inside Out Program Coordinator
Assistant Professor
Department of Sociology and Criminology
Frederick Douglass Memorial Hall, 210A
Howard University
2441 6th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20059

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